Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I guess it’s about time to start thinking about the next Southbound Cruisers’ Rendezvous!  I think it went pretty well considering I didn’t even get to attend.  Jane did an outstanding job stepping in and making sure things went as planned. I will be forever in her debt.  We didn’t quite break even but we came close, close enough to do it again.

If you have any suggestions, pointers, tips to make this years event better please let me know!  Email me at michael@boatbumz.com


Last but not least, let me thank you for the kind words, thoughts and prayers for my Grandmother.  I was able to make it to Alabama to spend a few hours with her before she passed. Cancer took my mother about 20 years ago and well, Grandma sort of stepped in a took her place. She came and lived with me in North Carolina for awhile after my grandfather died and I tried my best to get her out on a boat. It took me several months to sweet talk her onto “Why Knot II”. She was afraid I was going to make her hang over the side, I had to explain the difference between racers and cruisers. Once I convinced her that I was not going to “lean” the boat over that far, she decided to go along.  I think she enjoyed it just a little bit.


GrandMaphersunset 2 070209

Naomi Pauline Uptain Henderson 1918 – 2013

Happy New Year Ya’ll!

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